Episode 32: A Year of Rethinking Hell

The Rethinking Hell contributors and a few special guests join Chris Date for a supersized episode of the podcast, to celebrate our one year anniversary and discuss the past year of ministry, feedback from our readers and listeners, and the ministry year to come.

Listen from start to finish to find out how you can be entered into a second drawing to win a free copy of the third edition of The Fire That Consumes, signed by its author, Edward Fudge! The winner will be notified by email.

7 thoughts on “Episode 32: A Year of Rethinking Hell

  1. Great anniversary podcast guys!

    Edward Fudge sort of made my point about the music. I like the music too. It’s just not widely appealing or fits the atmosphere of the content (though I guess hell is sort of an edgy subject) Now that I know that it was produced internally, I’m more receptive to it remaining a part of the Rethinking Hell Podcast.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for playing my “tribute piece”. I can only imagine the look on Mr. Fudge’s face…

    Brody Cobb

  3. I congratulate Dr Fudge and men like Rob Bell who can stand out for Bible truth. The wages of sin is death not eternal life in hell. Romans 6:23

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